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Our friends at Answers in Genesis have graciously provided us with a free downloadable chapter of their Answers Book 3 that speaks about the Grand Canyon as a way to say thank you for signing up.

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Written by Dr. Andrew Snelling and our own Tom Vail, this chapter provides great insight into the formation of the Grand Canyon and how its geology supports the Bible's account of Noah's Flood.andrew snelling

Granite camp-Andrew's Lecture on Radio Isotope Dating
Dr. Snelling is a Ph. D. Geologist working with Answers in Genesis, and has joined us numerous times rafting through the Grand Canyon. He continues to provide great teaching and insight every year on our "Geology Special" focused river trips.

tom talkingtom  paula vailSince 1980, Tom has led thousands of people to and through the Grand Canyon, and has an amazing perspective into the inner-workings of Grand Canyon and it's geology. Tom and his wife, Paula, started Canyon Ministries in 1997.

The entire book is available HERE at the Answers in Genesis store.