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Renee Yelton, an accomplished photographer, has accompanied Canyon Ministries on several trips through the Canyon.  As with many who see the Canyon from a Biblical perspective, she has been deeply affected by her experience.  Here is just part of what she said about her canyon trips:

I attended a Christian school in the 70’s and was always interested in the sciences. At that time, very little Biblically-based scientific research was available.  Being spurred by the research reported by AiG, ICR, and others, I jumped at the chance to see the Grand Canyon with a scripturally-minded tour.

I can’t fully describe how deeply I was impacted by the experience we shared in the Canyon. Learning the Biblical interpretation of scientific evidences that towered over me was a life-changing adventure. Since returning to the rim, I have used my photos and memories to share God’s handiwork.

During this trip, the Lord gave me a burden to pray for those men and women who are on the front lines of the “Authority of Scripture” debate – Creation scientists, speakers, and pastors who uphold the Word and leaders such as Tom Vail who proclaim His truth in the Canyon.

Renee has made a very generous offer to provide first time donors who contributes $250 or more to Canyon Ministries with one of her 16” X 20” matted pictures.  Each picture is beautifully double-matted and has an inserted scripture in a cutout box below the picture.  Twelve different pictures are available.  Scroll down to view the small images and then click on the image to see an enlarged version.  (Please note that these are low-resolution images you are viewing, and do not represent the true quality of these pictures.)
To take advantage of this generous offer, simply go to Support the Ministry page and follow the instructions for making a donation.  If the donation is made via mail, which we would prefer in order to avoid credit card fees, please indicate with your donation which picture you would like.  If making the donation via PayPal, please use the Contact Us link to send us a note indicating your choice.

We want to thank Renee for her generosity and prayers in support of Canyon Ministries!

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