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Meet the Prayer Team Coordinator

Karen Cox is our Prayer Team Coordinator. She will be sending out prayer updates periodically which will include a bit about what is going on with the Christian Leaders Trip, and specific prayer points for the trip.  To join the prayer team, fill in the form above and hit “sign up.”  Here is what Karen has to say about why she does this all-important job.

Karen with her husband Jack

Karen with her husband Jack

My first glimpse of the Grand Canyon was at the age of 4 on a family vacation. I vividly remember sitting with my parents near the edge of the canyon on some man’s toolbox offered to me so I could rest my little feet and get a better view. I was in awe. My father took our family back when I was 19, and this time we had the pleasure of hiking into the canyon, spending the night at Phantom Ranch.

Although I was always amazed at the beauty of the canyon and knew it was God’s handiwork, it was not until I was in my 30s that I began to understand its formation from a Biblical worldview. We now share information on creation with pastors and seminary professors since these are the men providing the teaching within churches, so there is a common thread with the Christian Leaders Trip. Recently one of my former seminary professors went on the trip and came away excited to return to his seminary (which has heavily compromised on Genesis) to help his colleagues understand the issues.

I’m excited to be able to participate in this ministry through communicating prayer needs to each of you. I am thankful for my husband who encourages me, and, as a family, we look forward to seeing the Lord continue to bless and use the Christian Leaders Trip for His glory!

Warmly in Christ,


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