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Let a Canyon Ministries guide provide your group with a Biblically-based interpretation of the Grand Canyon, whether for a few hours, or all day!  Our guides, who are knowledgeable about the geological formation of the region, will explain how it fits in relationship to the Genesis accounts of Creation and the Flood.

Private tours can be done in your vehicle or ours.  If done in your vehicle you will be responsible for entry fees into the park. Our guide will need the front passenger’s seat, and is not permitted to drive your vehicle.

Tour booking details:

Our Private Tour rate is based on group size and includes up to 4 hours of in-park tour time. 
Additional in-park hours may be added for your group at a flat $50 per hour.

Group Rates are as follows:

1-4 People $395 Flat Group Rate
5-8 People $680 Flat Group Rate
8-13 People $980 Flat Group Rate
Step-on Guides for coach bus tours can be booked here

Please complete the form below to request a private tour.  Once we have reviewed your request, you will receive an email (normally within 3 business days) notifying you of our ability to schedule your tour.  You will then have 3 days to finalize your booking for the tour.