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Grand Canyon, a Different View - Chinese Version

Chinese version. 104 page full-color book presenting a Biblical perspective of the Grand Canyon as seen through the eyes of 23 well-known creationists. Available as a 10 X 8 hardback.



Grand Canyon, a Different View is now available in Chinese!  Click here to view a sample PDF of the Chinese version.

Come and view the Grand Canyon with 23 creation scientists and theologians from around the world. This 10” X 8”, 104 page hardcover book is filled with informative essays and stunning photos (sample page). Grand Canyon, a Different View will take your breath away, stimulate your imagination and presents the facts about the Grand Canyon from a Biblical perspective. Though educational enough for a home school book, it is equally beautiful as a gift or coffee table book.

The book was carried in the bookstores within Grand Canyon National Park and came under considerable fire from the evolutionary camp. Shortly after its release, the presidents of 7 major scientific organizations jointly signed a letter to the National Park requesting the book be removed from the bookstores because “it advances a narrow religious view about the Earth.” The story hit the Associated Press wire shortly after that and exploded from there. Over the next year, it was in most of the major newspapers across the country and on at least 3 other continents, as well as several television and dozens of radio programs. Here are some of the items that are a result of the controversy.

Truths That Transform radio interview with Dr. D. James Kennedy
700 Club television appearance
Front page New York Times article

We are happy to report that the book was reinstated and has since completely sold out at the Park, but you can still order is online here. Read more on the background behind the uproar on our book controversy page.