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True North Series - Grand Canyon

190 page hard-back, spiral-bound, full-color guide to the Grand Canyon exploring its geology, fossils, ecology and history from a Biblical perspective.




Your Guide to the Grand Canyon, first in the True North Series on National Parks, is the result of the frequent requests we have had over the years for material presenting a creationist perspective for those who visit the Canyon along the rims.

Tom Vail teams with co-authors Mike Oard, John Hergenrather, and Dennis Bokovoy to present a one-of-a-kind guidebook to the Grand Canyon, which explains the Canyon from a creationist perspective while also presenting well-established information on Canyon formations, climate, fossils, history, and ecology.

The book features a three-page foldout with panoramic photos for each of the major overlooks along both the South and North Rims.

Answers in Genesis’ Director of Research, Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling, says “…it is a must-have companion to everyone’s Grand Canyon Visit.”