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The question of authority is at the root of much of what we are witnessing today. Who has the authority to determine value? Who has the authority to dispense justice? Who has the authority to dispense mercy? Many in America believe the individual is authorized to determine these things according to their own circumstances and experience. To them, authority and truth are relative and individual. They believe we determine these by our own volition. However, people have vastly different experiences and circumstances. Therefore, vastly different outcomes might be

ALL people are created in the image of God! Jesus chose one of the most socially shunned people to be the first to identify Him as the Messiah! Jesus proclaimed a time of great chaos to be the occasion that the harvest was ready! In John 4 we read the account of Jesus and the woman at the well. Of the many lessons to learn from this event, there are 3 I ask you to consider. First: Jesus went out of His way to travel through Samaria for the specific purpose of meeting

We serve a truly mighty God.  A God who is mighty in both the large and the little.  A God who is mighty in the majestic, and the seemingly mundane.  I was reminded of this on a recent rim tour.  One of my favorite Grand Canyon rim tours to conduct are our daily Sunset Tours.  These tours typically run four hours, and conclude with the daily setting sun.  Not only are these our most popular tours, but they tend to be the most dramatically variable.  Most of this variability

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