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Nearly 7,500 miles separate Tusayan, AZ on the south rim of Grand Canyon and Timnaʿ National Park in southern Israel. What could anyone possibly find in Israel that might connect it with Grand Canyon? Timnaʿ sits in a desert landscape reminding travelers of some sections of the American Southwest — that is except for the clear differences in fauna and flora. As an example, instead of desert bighorn sheep found in Grand Canyon, Timnaʿ offers ibex. However, the landscapes of both regions display similar geological features. No, the Arabah

This massive erosional plane would be precisely the kind of feature you would expect to see if there really was a worldwide flood as described in Genesis and elsewhere in the Bible. One of the places we often explore on our Grand Canyon river trips is a little side canyon found at river mile 120 called Blacktail Canyon.  Blacktail is a very narrow slot canyon carved predominantly into the golden-brown latticed ledges of the Tapeats Sandstone. For many folks, the time spent in Blacktail is the highlight of their Grand

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