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Nate Loper to speak at the Denver Society of Creation Title: Grand Canyon: A Flood of Evidence No other place on earth exhibits evidence of the global Flood in Genesis quite like the Grand Canyon.  Learn of the "rock-solid" features found there that support the biblical account.  Then hear the latest in ongoing field research and geologic modeling related to the carving of the Grand Canyon itself. Mt. Zion Lutheran Church 500 Drake Street Denver, CO 80221

I spent four wonderful days in July at the 2018 International Conference on Creationism.  This was a tremendous gathering of scientists, educators, and people passionate about creation science.  More importantly, it was a gathering of people passionate about God’s Word, His attributes made plain in nature, the church, and the lost. A common theme that ran through the presentations highlighted the necessity of generational impact.  Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, started us out strong on the first evening with his defining passion for the next

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to give a presentation on the Biblical Creation perspective we teach each day here at the Grand Canyon, the same sort of teaching you’ll hear on any of our rim tours or river trips.  The only difference was this was not to our guests on bus or raft, but to a gathering of guides from a different Grand Canyon tour company who also operate rim tours here at the canyon.  Throughout the years we’ve spent running tours, we occasionally run into guests and

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