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Grand Canyon's #1 Christian Tour

Since 1997 we’ve had the privilege of sharing the Grand Canyon with thousands of people. 

We’ve had lots of testimonies from folks who come from around the world.  Many of them can be read on our TripAdvisor page.

We’ve also had great testimonies and recommendations from ministry leaders who have a voice in the creation science and theology world.


Tom and Paula Vail with Ken Ham“A ride on one of Tom’s rafts is not only wonderful because of the adventure of running the rapids, but also because of the solid teaching received in geology and the Bible. The experience greatly helped me better understand how the Grand Canyon is a marvelous testimony to what the Bible teaches about the Flood and its after-effects. Of all my travels, none has been more exciting and educational. Highly recommended.”

Ken Ham
Answers in Genesis


“This 190-mile trip down the Colorado River on the Grand Canyon was superbly planned and executed. The lectures and discussions were stimulating, the scenery rapturous, the rapids thrilling, the camaraderie rich, and the food delicious. There were surprises along the way, some of which were planned (like body-“surfing” in the Little Colorado) and some not (like 25 huge waterfalls appearing within minutes after a downpour). The spirit of the leaders was humble and helpful. All questions were admissible and serious answers were provided. Christ was always honored. It was a huge privilege to be part of this trip.”

Dr. John Piper
Desiring God


“The heavens, we are told, declare the glory of God. So too does the Grand Canyon. The canyon manifests the beauty, the glory, even the just wrath of God. With godly teachers leading, and godly students alongside, it was a time of profound encouragement. I surely learned a great deal, but better still I was blessed to worship the living God in one of the great earthly monuments to His majesty. I could not commend this trip more eagerly.”

Dr. RC Sproul Jr.
Ligonier Ministries


Del Tackett Grand Canyon Ministries“The trip down the Grand Canyon was a phenomenal experience for me. The visual evidence of rapid deposition and erosion, coupled with the expert geological teaching “in the field” provided invaluable insights into the local and universal effects of God’s judgment in “destroying the earth by water”. In addition, I am sure that the overwhelming beauty of the canyon itself will forever remain in my memory as a continual source of awe of God’s power and might and grace, even in the midst of judgment. If you have an opportunity to go, don’t miss it.”

Dr. Del Tackett
The Truth Project and Is Genesis History?




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Canyon Ministries is rated the #1 Christian tour company at the Grand Canyon!