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Canyon Ministries is excited to share a new opportunity. The college years can be very confusing and even troublesome for the faith of our young people. We feel called to provide some direction as these gifted young people prepare for life and ministry. As a result, we are now offering a college level trip through the canyon, specifically addressing the struggles of the college student and preparing them for action.

Throughout the 187-mile trip, students will experience over 100 rapids, take informative and scenic hikes, but most importantly, will learn how to incorporate the creation message into their lives and ministries. The trip will be led by Dr. Bill Barrick, former Professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary and an experienced outdoorsman, along with Jon Albert, the executive director of Canyon Ministries.

When possible, we will work with colleges to provide credit for the trip as well. Although designed for the college level student, all adults (18 and over) are welcome. Please pray God will use this to bless and equip many.

Here is what Nick, a 22 year old college graduate, had to say about his trip through the canyon:

I truly loved my time in the Grand Canyon with Canyon Ministries! It was phenomenal to see all the wonders of God’s creation and all the evidence left behind of the canyon being formed by Noah’s Flood. I truly had not thought much about the canyon’s origins before the trip and certainly had never hear much besides the “millions and millions of years of consistent erosion” store. The staff with Canyon Ministries was so gracious, so knowledgeable, and so passionate to share the Creationist perspective of the forming of the canyon. The fact that I possessed no prior geographical understanding was not a hindrance either (though such understanding would have increased the awesomeness of it all!). Thanks for sharing this with me and may it continue to open the eyes of many to the mightiness of our God and may it spur them on to greater obedience to the Great Commission to proclaim His goodness to the world!

For more information, please contact Jon Albert through this Contact Us link. Download a Foundations Grand Canyon Trip Flyer which may be copied and posted for your school or group.

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God has called Canyon Ministries to a unique and very effective mission to reveal evidence in the Grand Canyon in order to affirm the authority of God’s Word, with an emphasis on the first 11 chapters of Genesis. The intensive teaching on the trip conforms to the Foundational Beliefs of Canyon Ministries. The registration fees do not cover the full cost of the trip. Will you partner with us to financially support this important mission? Canyon Ministries is a non-profit ministry able to accept your corporate or personal tax-deductible investment in the Lord’s work.

You may also make a secure online donation via PayPal by clicking on the button below.

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To make a donation via mail, simply make your check payable to Canyon Ministries and send it to:

Canyon Ministries
PO Box 50571
Parks, AZ 86018


Renee Yelton, an accomplished photographer who accompanied Canyon Ministries on several trips, has made a very generous offer to provide anyone who contributes $250 or more to Canyon Ministries with a choice of one of her 16″ X 20″ matted pictures.

Qualifying donors will be sent a conformation email on how to choose the picture of your choice.

(Clink on the picture to enlarge.)

Being part of the Lord’s work is exciting and we welcome your partnership. If you would like to know more about specific needs or have any questions, please contact us at (928) 251-3000.

*Tax-deductible gifts may be made to Canyon Ministries under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.