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Resources that help you understand who we are and what we do.


Learn about some of the things we do here at the Grand Canyon, including our daily South Rim tours and multi-day river trips on the Colorado River.

What do our 7 and 9-day Grand Canyon river trips looks like?  Get a taste of things you’ll see and experience on a Colorado River rafting trip.

We often go by the name A Different View Tours in the Grand Canyon National Park.  See what one of these daily South Rim tours looks like.

Nate Loper shares the heart behind Canyon Ministries and why the Grand Canyon is important in this interview clip from the Engage Truth podcast.

How did Canyon Ministries begin?  Hear from our founder, Tom Vail, about the founding and heart behind our ministry in this Evidence Press interview.

Our 4-day Grand Canyon rafting trips are loads of fun!  Find out what thrills the lower 90 miles of the Colorado River hold for you when you join us.

Watch this 700 Club interview of our founder Tom Vail to learn more Canyon Ministries and the controversy behind our book in the National Park.


Resources that help you grow in faith and in life.


What does the Grand Canyon reveal about the heart of God?  Jon Albert shares about destruction and redemption as seen at the Grand Canyon.

Go deeper with God than just the surface.  Learn the significance of seeking God in this powerful devotion from the heart of the Grand Canyon.

How does living a disciplined life help in your walk with Christ?  Learn the power of disciplined living as a soldier, athlete, and farmer.

Learn about the impact of our Grand Canyon Christian Leaders Trip and what Steve Lummer is doing with Trailhead Tacos in this interview with Nate Loper.

How does heat and pressure change the rocks of the Grand Canyon?  How are we transformed into newness through trials and by Christ?

Whether it’s hiking the Grand Canyon, or blazing the trail of life God has called you to, intervals of rest and quiet are sustaining along the journey.

The Ballad of Grand Canyon inspires from the first note to the last. Experience the impactful thrills of a river trip along the Colorado River.

Over the years, David had brought dozens of young men through the canyon, in order to experience creation and the life-changing power of God.


Beauty in Wrath.pdf– Study Guide for the Beauty in Wrath video.


Transformation.pdf– Study Guide for the Transformation video.


Disciplined Living.pdf–  Study Guide for the Disciplined Living video.


Go Beyond the Rim.pdf– Study Guide for the Go Beyond the Rim video.

Living in Intervals.pdf– Study Guide for the Living in Intervals video.


The Best Ballad Ever Written.pdf– Study Guide for the Best Ballad Ever Written video.


Sit Seek Soak.pdf– Multi-step devotional about spending time with God in His presence


Resources that help you understand both science and Scripture.


What does the fossil record have to say in regard to the global Flood found in Genesis?  Watch to learn about this worldwide watery graveyard.

Planning a Grand Canyon Colorado River trip with us?  Watch as Nate Loper and Jon Albert talk about ways to prepare both physically and spiritually.

Dr. William Barrick sharing about the Grand Canyon and Canyon Ministries in this interview with Henry Smith from Associates for Biblical Research.

In Grand Canyon: A Flood of Evidence Nate presents 3 key geological evidences for the global Flood as seen in the rocks of the Grand Canyon.

Nate Loper speaking at the Flood of Evidence conference in El Paso, Texas on the Genesis Flood and latest research into Grand Canyon formation.

When we study the geology of our planet, the rocks speak of a global catastrophe.  Learn the lesson of these layers that are seen in the Grand Canyon.

Hank Farrior shares about his experience on a Canyon Ministries river trip and what the canyon presents as evidence of a global Flood in Genesis.

Nate Loper on the Associates for Biblical Research Digging for Truth program talking about Noah’s Flood and the Grand Canyon with Henry Smith.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Nate explains why rock layers matter in unraveling Earth’s history in this interview with Once Lost Ministries.

An interview with Canyon Ministries trail guide, Brynn, about Red Mountain Volcano, the Global Flood, and the importance of creation apologetics.


Biblical Defense for a Young Earth and Global Flood.pdf– Overview Study of Key Biblical Passages


Preparing for a Rim Tour.pdf– Preparing for a Grand Canyon Rim Tour with Canyon Ministries


Preparing for a River Trip.pdf– Preparing for a Grand Canyon River Trip with Canyon Ministries

Grand Canyon Geology- An Overview.pdf– Resource regarding the formation of the Grand Canyon from a biblical perspective


A Model For Outdoor Creation Education.pdf– Tips, tools, and teaching on ways to use God’s creation to share His glory.

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