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Carbon Fold Tapeats Grand Canyon

Bent Rocks


Let’s look at one piece of evidence found in the canyon that supports the Flood model. To me, one of the strongest and most dramatic evidences of these layers being flood deposits is the folding found in the sedimentary layers. Folds, as the geologist call them, are places where the rocks have been bent instead of fractured as you would see along a fault line. Some of these folds are 300 feet high and cross the boundaries of multiple formations.

There are several places in the canyon where sediment layers are found that have been folded without cracking the rock, indicating the layers had to be folded while the sediments were still soft or pliable. Folds like these show that the folding had to happen soon after deposition, indicating that the deposition and the upheaval responsible for the folding were, in fact, one event. That event is described in Psalms 104:8:

PS 104:8

The fold pictured on left is found in Carbon Creek, one of the side canyons within Grand Canyon. Note the 90-degree fold in the rock and for scale, note the person at the fold. The middle picture is a 30’ fold found within a few yards of the Colorado River just below Matkatamiba Canyon. This fold includes two formations, the Temple Butte Limestone on top and the Muav Limestone on the bottom. In the secular model there is a gap of 145 million years between these two layers. Note that both sides of that “gap” have been evenly folded, just as if they were one unit at the time of folding. How do you bend two rock units, which are 145 million years apart in age, and not crack them?

DSC_0310 - sm              Matkat Fold - sm            Israel Fold

A secular interpretation of these folds is that they happen slowly over a long period of time under much heat and pressure. It is true – rocks put under enough heat and pressure can be bent. But, before the bending can take place, the physical structure of the rock has to change. These folds in the canyon show no sign of any structural change.

Folding is not unique to the Grand Canyon. The bottom picture is of a fold found on the road just outside Jerusalem in Israel. We saw this fold while visiting the Holy Land several years ago. We even got the tour bus to stop so we could take pictures and then had the opportunity so share the significance of the fold with the rest of the tour.

Folding is just one of many geologic evidences found throughout the world which supports the fact there really was a global Flood and that God’s Word can be trusted right from the beginning.


Tom Vail founded Canyon Ministries in 1997 after over 15 years of leading trips through the canyon. He began guiding as a non-believer, gave his life to the Lord and began investigating some of the “problems” he always had with the evolutionary explanation he taught on canyon geology. As he learned more about the Biblical model, creation, and the flood, he found it gave a much better explanation of what he saw in the canyon, and it became the focus of the ministry. Tom is the author of Grand Canyon, a Different View and co-author of the True North Series, which includes guidebooks on the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce, and Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Tom and his wife, Paula, live in Phoenix, AZ when they are not in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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