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Flagstaff, Arizona
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We often have a phrase we like to use around here, and that’s “forever family”. With an understanding that this place is not our ultimate destination, but as Billy Graham would say, “I’m just passing through this world”, we have the incredible opportunity to make memories together on this earth that may very well be talked about for eternity.  What more GRAND place to make those memories and draw close to our Creator than the grandest canyon on earth? Olive Garden used to say, “When you’re here, you’re family.” Well,

 I'm a huge fan of the classic western ballads. I like a song that gets somewhere and tells a compelling story.  The best ballads make you laugh, cry, shudder a bit, and leave you inspired.  There have been some fantastic ballad writers/singers over the years: Marty Robbins, Jimmy Dean, Johnny Cash, John Denver, Tom T. Hall and many others.  However, these are completely forgettable names when compared to the ballad God wrote when He formed Grand Canyon. The Ballad of Grand Canyon inspires from the first note.  Launching from Lee's

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