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Flagstaff, Arizona
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Rushing water permeates the canyon air with its soothing white noise. Gently the dark curtain of night slides aside and stars commence their gradual retreat. The first rays of the sun act like Midas, turning the highest rock turrets to brilliant gold. I’m captivated by a sweet, cascading song of the canyon wren. One hearing and I hold my breath waiting for it to repeat its mellifluous trill. Indeed, one of its six sub-species (Catherpes mexicanus meliphonus, found only in northern Mexico) bears the name meliphonus, identifying its

Most often when people think of the Grand Canyon, the first things to come to their mind are the rocks or maybe the river. But there is another fascinating aspect to the Grand Canyon – its wild kingdom of God-created wildlife. I’ve always had an interest in animals of all kinds. Growing up, my pets ranged from the normal dog to snakes, lizards, a monkey, and a chipmunk. They all fascinated me. My thirty-plus years of rafting the canyon have given me the opportunity to encounter much of what

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