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"What happens in the canyon stays with you a lifetime. What happens in your heart stays with you for eternity!"

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Author: Adam Huff

Adam Huff - April 13, 2023   All these factors combined to form Bryce’s remarkable features very quickly in the early post-flood years. One hundred miles north of Grand Canyon lies a typical southern Utah plateau. Peculiarly named the Paunsaugunt, this relatively narrow strip of land juts out above the valley below. Exposed on its sides are beautiful pink cliffs of rock known as the Claron Formation, which have been carved into the world’s largest collection of hoodoos. Numbering in the thousands, these strangely shaped vertical columns of rock extend

Coyote Gulch backpacking trip renamed and revamped as Grand Staircase Adventure! Without a doubt, backpacking in Coyote Gulch is one of our most thrilling adventures. With breathtaking sights and exhilarating challenges around every corner, it has become a big hit with guests and a favorite trip to lead for our guides. It has also just received a major upgrade! Our backpacking program launched with a trip to Coyote Gulch in 2020. At that time, we did not have a vehicle suitable for transporting guests and all our equipment to Utah.

Earlier this month we completed our third backpacking trip into Coyote Gulch in southern Utah. We love going beyond Arizona’s Grand Canyon to explore this equally spectacular neighbor to our north. It is still the rainy season in the southwest at this time of year, which creates some exciting challenges and opportunities when backpacking. This trip never lacks in adventure, but in early September the thrills get turned up a notch or two! Around every bend in the canyon are new and beautiful sights to behold. Towering sandstone arches,

Over the past 24 years of exploring and sharing the Grand Canyon, we have gotten to know it pretty well. Adventure awaits around every corner, and we love seeing the faces of our guests light up as we take them into its many hidden treasures. Of course, marveling over the beauty of this place is only part of our objective. We want to see everyone marvel over our Creator as we examine the powerful evidence of a global Flood as described in the Bible. What we see in

Every year, millions of visitors from around the world come to see the Grand Canyon, and there are many ways in which they do so.  For many, the canyon is just a short stop along their route as they are traveling through the region.  They will see it only briefly from a few vantage points at best. Others may spend an entire day, or more, driving around taking in the different views.  This may be a fine way to visit this natural wonder, but it’s only scratching

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